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The Dark Studio Series

Black background photoshoots have always been something I've wanted to offer as part of my equestrian sessions. However I've never quite had the confidence to do it. A lot of equestrian photographers I see offering this style of photo are absolutely amazing at what they do and it's very clear they've spent many years perfecting their work. I'm still pretty new to those photography skills and I'm also completely self taught.

However, instead of comparing myself to other photographers, I knew my clients would really love to have this as an option with their session. What's the worst that could happen anyway? I might as well give it a go and improve from there!

I had my first session on Saturday 15th Jan, with a very good friend of my mine and her horse Maia. Maia was absolutely golden, she just stood there posing perfectly. It's as if she knew I was a little nervous to capture the photos. The photos came out great, it takes a little more time to edit and get that studio look, but for my first go I'm quite pleased. Still lots to improve on of course, which is why the Dark Studio Sessions will be on offer during January and February 2022.


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