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What To Wear On My Shoot?

Updated: May 15, 2022

Are you really struggling on what to wear for your photo shoot?

No need to worry! I have created a little seasonal guide to help you choose an outfit. Always remember, when making your final decision, the main thing is that you feel comfortable and confident. And if you're still unsure, feel free to contact me via social media or email. I'd be happy to help you!


Spring is always a tricky time for choosing an outfit, especially with the UK weather. I'd always recommend being warm over anything but stick to pastels and neutrals where possible.

Example: A blouse, smart wool coat, jeans and some country boots.

Patterns/Materials: Pastel Tweeds, Florals, Herringbone Wool.

Spring Colour Palette


The first thing to consider is what the weather is going to be like. Is it going to be a hot day? If so, then perhaps go for a light flowy dress so you can stay nice and cool. If it's a slightly chillier day then you might want to wear some jeans or boots to keep your legs warm. If you're planning to wear white, maybe don't choose your most expensive item of clothing because it will probably get a little dirty being around your horse.

Example 1: Light coloured summer dress with white pumps or F&F boots.

Example 2: A pretty top with jeans and loafers.

Patterns/Materials: Neutrals, Pastels, Florals, Linen.

Summer Colour Palette


Autumn outfits are actually quite easy to choose. If in doubt, just wear something that compliments the nature during that season. So think earthy tones like brown, forrest green, tan, musk, rust.

Example: A tweed coat or gilet, feather hat, smart jumper, jeans with tan/brown suede boots.

Patterns/Materials: Tweed, Earthy Tones, Suede.

Autumn Colour Palette


With it being cold and miserable it's so easy to wear all black, but this can look a little harsh in photos. So try colours such as navy or brown instead. You can still consider pastel colours like icy blues, in fact this looks amazing on a frosty morning session.

Example: A smart jumper, cape, feather hat, jeans, and brown leather or suede boots.

Patterns/Materials: Any Wool, Suede, Leather.

Winter Colour Palette


- Feather Hats

- Baker Boy Cap

- Fairfax and Favour Boots

- Tweed or Country Gilets

- Capes

Having accessories such as hats can really elevate your outfit!

Country brands to check out:

- Fairfax and Favor

- Holland Cooper

- Le Chameau

- Joules

- Schoffel Country

- Barbour

- Rydale Clothing


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