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5 Essentials You Need On An Equestrian Photoshoot!

1) Have a helper

Having an extra pair of hands can be very helpful. They can help hold your horse/s and carry items or outfits during the shoot. It's especially helpful to me when trying to get your horse's ears forward too. And if you're feeling a little nervous about the session, having a friend or family member might help you feel more comfortable.

2) Bring Treats!

A great way to encourage your horse/s, especially if we want to achieve a certain pose. But also because they’ve done a super job! It’s not easy being a model pony for the day!

3) Clean Your Tack

It will look so much smarter on photos if it’s nice and shiny! Or if you've decided to use a head collar and lead rope, make sure the lead rope isn't too old and nasty.

4) Have an Emergency Kit Bag

This is especially handy when shooting on a location not close to your yard. Accidents can happen so it's always best to prepare an emergency kit just in case.

You could pack it with:

- Brushes,

- Spare plaiting bands,

- Stain remover,

- Hoof oil... Whatever you think we might need.

5) Spend Plenty of Time Choosing Your Outfits

This is probably the one thing everyone worries about before their shoot. Start planning your outfit as soon as you have booked the session. This may sound a little over prepared, but if you rush or decide on your outfit last minute you may not feel 100% confident.

Firstly think of the practicality. For example, wearing thin sandals or heels around your horse is probably not the safest. We may also have one or two photos with you kneeling down, so if you decide to wear a skirt, try to choose one that isn't too restrictive. Another thing you should consider, is the time of year. If your shoot takes place in Spring/Summer, try to choose light neutrals, pastel tones or delicate florals. For Autumn/Winter shoots you can still keep it neutral but perhaps go for more earthy tones such as rust, browns, beige, greens etc. I highly recommend anything tweed or suede at that time of year too! And finally, if possible try to avoid big logos or large holes, as this can be a little distracting on the finished photos.

If you're still totally stuck on what to wear, see my 'What To Wear On My Shoot' blog post for more ideas, or by all means message me for help.


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